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Acrylic bottles, Airless Bottles, Cosmetic Packaging and PETG jars
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Airless Bottles

Icy Airless Bottle and Classic Round Acrylic Jar
1921 and 0703 Series

????(??)???????????,?????????????????-??????,??????????????????????????????????????????????????,?????????????????,????????,????? Icy Airless Bottle & Classic Round Acrylic Jar

Icy Airless bottle this time was created in white body with Crome accent to emphasize her purity and yet in elegancy. A classic round acrylic jar, 0703 series are to be partner for a beautifuly family in presence. (Colors can be made to your requests.)

Available sizes:

Icy Airless bottles:

1921015: 15ml (Around 0.5oz)
1921030: 30ml (Around 1oz)
1921050: 50ml (Around 1.8oz)

Classic Round Acrylic Jars:
0703015: 15ml (Around 0.5oz)
0703030: 30ml (Around 1oz)
0703050: 50ml (Around 1.8oz)
0703100: 100ml (Around 4oz)
0703200: 200ml (Around 6.7oz)

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